1ST1 (english version)

For those in the know, it doesn't hurt to brush up on what it is. For those who are encountering it for the first time, here's a brief introduction.

20 years ago, I became aware that my life had taken on a curve that I would call a meditative life situation. As a beginner, I entered a world where, moving very quickly, I reached a level of consciousness from which it was impossible to just get out. This means that I have been meditating continuously in an apartment for 20 years, I mean really continuously, without stopping. For this, I needed to make sure ten years before that the spiritual world really exists and is not a big fake, and to see that I was not yet ready for it. The decision was made and 10 years later I found myself sitting in an apartment.

The question may arise, what can be done for 20 years. 20 years is a lot of time, but I also had to realize that it is very little time for the task that has found me. Realization was followed by actions, first the ÉlményPark Holoplatform was created, and then it turned out that the other hemisphere of the brain also needs a similar one. 1ST1 was named after Linux and its philosophy is similar. Of course, there is no expectation that everyone will understand immediately, in fact, in the initial period (which is now) it works automatically for the vast majority and is bound to very strict parameters accessible only to a few. Briefly, ÉlményPark is an operating system running on a consciousness network, which primarily deals with the system (but also provides content services for beings without rations), while 1ST1 is a game server dealing with individual consciousnesses. By game, I now mean our everyday life based on the philosophy that for a modern person, everything is easiest to understand if we look at the world as if it were a holographic video game in which we live and play together.

If you look at your phone and you're interested in Android (or another OS), it corresponds to the ÉlményPark (Experience Park) here. If you are interested in apps, we have reached the content service, which has been done by everyone who has ever organized joint programs for their friends. You can only achieve these in yourself and in your thoughts, and I would like to end here for two reasons:

1. If you are not able to achieve these, then you do not have the four conditions:

  • suitability
  • ability
  • competence
  • free will

2. If you are able, the rest will go through your personal spiritual channels.

If you feel that this does not work for you, there are two reasons. One is that it doesn't work yet, but it will at some point. The other reason is more prosaic. Since the purpose of the Game is to play, you better go back to your everyday life, because this is not for you. Just as many actors are not suited to work behind the cameras. Of course, these are not blocked from you because of a serious decision, but it is better to realize this in time than when the first difficulties come. Which are followed by newer and bigger ones.

If you want to play, play! You'll also find lots of spiritual props on my website if you're looking for them. May luck and chance be with all the noble in spirit!